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Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park in Walt Disney World
The idea to create Blizzard Beach came to mind during a freak winter storm that covered part of Disney World with snow. Plans were then made, and miniature models were developed. Now Disney Blizzard Beach is finished and is Disney's first premier ski resort.

Disney World Waterpark

Disney World Blizzard Beach

Disney Blizzard Beach
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Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon is a 56-acre water amusement park. The Lagoon homes the largest manmade watershed mountain, Mt. May Day. Sitting on top of Mt. May Day is Miss Tilly, an old shrimp boat that was brought from Safen Sound, Florida. Miss Tilly erupts every half hour, causing a 50-foot flume of water to spray out the boats smokestack. Disney Typhoon Lagoon is also the best place to see one of the largest wave pools in the US.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon

Disney Typhoon Lagoon

Disney Typhoon Lagoon
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Walt Disney World Water Park Hints

All of the Disney water parks have towel and changing facilities. Admission is included in the price of the all-in-one park hopper ticket. Keep in mind that applying sunscreen every hour while in the water parks is a good rule of thumb. Alcohol and/or glass containers are not allowed into Disney's water parks. Water tubes & life jackets are available for free to all water park guests. A refundable deposit is required to use a life jacket.

As of May, 2002, Walt Disney World Resort no longer allows guests to bring water coolers into the water parks for security reasons. Cast members can help you with your medications. As well, parking is free at Disney's water attractions.

Disney Height Requirements

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